Limited Edition Risograph Print Book
August 2020

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Officially participating in Bangkok Art Book Fair 2020

Mom’s Magnets is Leerasanthanah’s typological documentation of her mother’s collection of magnets from worldly destinations. The souvenir magnet is exemplary of reducing culture, place, people, heritage, and politics to commodified kitsch. Patterns reveal the homogenous representations of marketable icons. Playful juxtapositions force a relationship between two seemingly unrelated symbols, like the Egyptian hieroglyph tablet and Britain’s telephone booth. Ultimately, the book contemplates the attempt to embody and possess place and time—a subject that resonates with Leerasanthanah’s past work.

Printing/ Production: Risograph
Size: 14.859 x 20.955 cm
No. of pages: 32 pages

Edition of 100 copies