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︎︎︎Awarded the 2021 Queens Arts Fund for Wuthichai: Exit Interview

︎︎︎New work is up at SculptureCenter’s annual In Practice show, You may go but this will bring you back (2021)

︎︎︎ 40+ Artist portraits, and many studio and artwork photographs are in the book We Are Here: Visionaries of Color Transforming the Art World by Jasmin Hernandez (2021)


rehearsal residency

November 10, 2018
Workshop on handwriting and Thai superstition

Participants’ feedback  - 001

Participants’ feedback  - 002

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1 I developed and guided a workshop on handwriting and Thai superstition during my time at rehearsal residency.

2 The workshop had a performative aspect which involved me weaving in a personal narrative through storytelling.

The personal narrative was based on things my mother taught me about how to practice handwriting with “good fortune”. The way you shape certain letters can indicate “leakage” of wealth, or the way you strike through your name can mean cursing youself to bad luck. Before the workshop, I consulted with her to confirm these beliefs of hers.

︎︎︎The purpose of storytelling was to mirror the act of passing superstition by word of mouth, something I experienced first-hand growing up. My mother made me practice writing my signature so that it would be “lucky”. 

3 My  mother’s superstition is not rare. In Thailand, belief in the occult or mystic has impressively thrived in the rapidly modernized country. 

︎︎︎ I highly recommend reading this essay by David Teh about Thai contemporary art: “Return To Sender” (Artforum, Feb 2019)

Workshop image - 001

Participants’ feedback  - 004

Workshop image - 002

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